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hey I'm sara and i do the best impression of the narwhall from elf

April 20, 2014 9:07 pm 8:25 pm
"I’ve read that if an avalanche buries you and you’re lying there underneath all that snow, you can’t tell which way is up or down. You want to dig yourself out but pick the wrong way, and you dig yourself to your own demise. That was how I felt, disoriented, suspended in confusion, stripped of my compass."

Khaled Hosseini, And The Mountains Echoed (via feellng)

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A 7 year old boy in Virginia was suspended from school after he pointed his pencil at a fellow student and said, “bang!” Even worse, he pointed at another student and said, “would not bang.”

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Lions pretend to be hurt by the bites of their young to encourage them.

Lions pretend to be hurt by the bites of their young to encourage them.

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"Sara, if you got a yellow card that bitch probably deserved it…"

My lovely grandma
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I was having a bad day until I randomly got a text from a wrong number with nothing but this picture


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"Honey, who said that the love of your life had to be a man or woman you haven’t even met yet? Maybe, you are destined to be the greatest love of your own life."

Della Hicks-Wilson   (via domestic-lowlife)

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"I don’t give a shit what the world thinks. I was born a bitch, I was born a painter, I was born fucked. But I was happy in my way. You did not understand what I am. I am love. I am pleasure, I am essence, I am an idiot, I am an alcoholic, I am tenacious. I am; simply I am…You are a shit."

Frida Kahlo, from an unsent letter to Diego Rivera (via redwinerivers)

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